Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh my gosh...

Why haven't I been posting on here in like forever?

Well, basically because since March we have sorta put the baby making on hold. We did try once in May...but here is the kicker...CS aka the wifey actually was the one that tried. And then I got all weird and crazy and was like, look I want to have a baby just as badly as you do, but I am the most methodical person on the face of the earth and switching things up like this sorta screws with me. AND...using the same donor with you trying to get pregnant makes me feel like if you did get pregnant that the baby would be the most Latino crazy child ever and I would not be reflected in the baby at all.*

 I felt that way because CS was the one to pick our donor, so even if she wasn't the one getting pregnant at least she could feel that she saw herself in the baby because she picked the donor (who she refers to as a gay male version of herself). So I had a mini breakdown and we are on pause. Our KD went for another STI/D check up this week and we are waiting for the results, so if he is clean (as is the expectation) we will begin trying again with me. CS has a OB/GYN appt with my doctor set up for the early fall (because apparently she is super popular and it is super hard to get an appt with her). I think that the plan currently is that once she gets all checked out that if I am still not pregnant by then that we will both start trying. Me with the KD and her with a sperm donor through a sperm any recommendations for sperm banks would be great!

So that is where we are at...hopefully my next post will be sooner than this one was.

Ok, I gotta go pretend to work.

*Not crazy bc it would be 100% latino, but crazy bc CS and our KD are like the same person: no inhibitions, risk taking fools that want to party all night long and can never even imagine a moment of boredom bc they fill ever second of their lives with glitter. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Too Busy Too Stressed

I know I know...I haven't posted in for.ever.

So here is the update.

AF showed up on Thursday while I was at work.
I have been pulling 12-16 hour days for the last 2 weeks. Spring semester in higher education, particularly in student affairs, can be killer depending on what functional area you work in. For me, working in residence life and running most of the major processes in my office, I have more stress than I should. And, not to mention that I am no longer on anxiety medication...which ps my first spring semester in a professional staff position in higher education is what made me realize I had anxiety issues. So needless to say I have been burning the candle at both ends. And....I was on 24/7 on call this week, so I have barely had a chance to breath. Today was the first day in almost 2.5 weeks that the wife and I spent more than 2 hours together and awake.

So with the BFN we are on to try 3. My last 2 charts we different than the 2 before it and my luteal phase was really I am going to send them my obgyn and see what she has to say....

Other than that no big news....oh wait yes there is!

The wife and I went down to DC and got us a marriage license! We live in Maryland (which hopefully will be added to the growing list of places that have same sex marriage), but we don't know how long it will take for Maryland to get their act together. We already had a commitment ceremony in 2006, but with an impending bambino possibly on the way we wanted to have something "official". Monday we call to set the date at the court house.

So there you have it. My last 2 weeks in a couple of paragraphs. I hope to get to all of your blogs in blog land tomorrow over decaf coffee!

Friday, February 11, 2011

can I type on my back?

You better believe it!
Here I am typing on my back immediately after try #2. The wifey, who ps might be a workout-aholic, decided that it was time for her "run" post insemination so I get to watch the history channel and hope that the laptop doesn't fall on my head as I type on my back.
We pretty much have this whole AHI thing down to a science. We say ridiculous things to one another through the whole process, laugh at how absurd we feel and pray for the best (I am sure many of our readers can relate).

In other news, my recent interview went well. I believe I used may have knocked it out of the park, but I can not say the same for the people that interviewed me. The last time I really job searched I didn't have a job. This time I do and it feels very different. I am pretty sure that they are going to offer me the job, but I probably will turn them down. I just dont think it was the right fit for me. And the job, which I would be great at, really isn't what I want to do. It is a judicial affairs job at a community college but also it working with the behavioral intervention teams (or threat assessment). Which basically means I would be coordinating the teams that decide cases like this. I dont know if I want to do that. Ok, I KNOW I dont want to do that. Which ps the job description had one line about this part of the job and then when I interviewed I was told that it was a major part of the job. No thank you, i dont care how much money you are going to pay me* I dont want to do it.

So on top of TTC I am looking for a new job and am probably in the busiest time of year in my job. Not that I have to avoid stress in order to get the BFP or anything...

*so they may be paying double what I make now...but money isnt everything...right?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Portrait of a Modern Family

Portrait of a Modern Family - Newsweek

An interesting article about "conceiving" family. thought I would share. I may have almost cried...I'm just saying

Thursday, February 3, 2011

If you don't'll cry

Thank god our KD has a sense of humor about all of this nonsense...Please enjoy our email exchange below:

Me to KD: 

So....I'm not pregnant. Bleh. Anyway, we continue forward. 

Can we schedule times for this month? I was hoping we could do more times to up the chances..maybe?
I am thinking we are looking at the following days:

Friday Feb 11
Sunday Feb 13
Tuesday Feb 15
Thursday Feb 17
Saturday Feb 19

Also, I will be using an ovulation predictor kit this cycle in conjunction with all kinds of other stuff I have already been doing to get the timing just right. If it came to be that I am ovulating on a day not listed above could I call you to set up an impromptu pick up? It would be during this set of dates, but, for example, it could be that I ovulate on the 12th instead of the 13th....who knows...

Anything I can do to get preggers!!!!!!

Just let me know what time on the dates above work for you and I will make it work. 

Oh and we should be getting your the donor contract asap. Our lawyer just emailed it to us yesterday and should be getting it to you very soon. You will need to sign it in the presence of a Notary Public. We can all go to one together...I have one in mind. 


KD to Me

:( I'm sorry.

well lets see,
all of these days work for me! you kinda know my schedule now, so lets do it!
call me when you're ovulating! lol

send me a list of dates you are thinking of doing the whole notary public thingie... which makes me wonder if you really need to send me the contract!? if we will all go sign it together anyways!? o.O! idk just a thought. save postage?!

Anywhoo, let me know if there is anything I should be doing besides keeping my pants on lock down.

Me back to KD

HAHAHAHA! Seriously you had me cracking up at my desk. And my co-worker thought I was dying. 
And you work on Monday and Wednesday nights right? Which right now shouldn't be an issue unless my ovaries decided to get to working on one of those nights....

Anyway, Here is what I am thinking. 

Friday Feb 11 @ 6:30pm
Sunday Feb 13 @ 4:30pm
Tuesday Feb 15 @ 6pm
Thursday Feb 17 @ 6pm
Saturday Feb 19 @ 2:30pm


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The DONOR Agreement aka Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

So here it is folks, for your reading pleasure. The non-enforceable donor agreement that is 6 pages long and cost us $2K.
Doc 020211

Monday, January 31, 2011


So here is CD1...AF in all her glory arrived today. SO the BFN was accurate. At least now we can get started the planning for try #2. The charting and the temping and the vitamins continue. Still caffeine and artificial sweetener free...just barely.
In other news my birthday is on is the Superbowl. Which you might think is cool and awesome and amazing, but in reality is sorta blows. Mainly bc it is my birfday and also because neither of the teams I wanted (the Ravens or the Bears) will be playng.

Birthdays are supposed to be the one day where people really pay attention to you, celebrate you and...

give you cupcakes


and a pile of kittens

but alas all I will get is foosball

So...there you have it folks.
Oh and my cable is out, which makes sitting at home by myself with the cats oh so entertaining. At least I have netflix on the Wii....